It was tuesday.Ya ,10th of this month.around 9a.m. in the morning this troupe of monkeys visited us.they often come in the group of fifteen to proximity to our colony once there was dense kukrail forest.though the name and to some extent the forest still exists but it is no more dense.number of residential colonies have encroached the habitat of these these creatures are not left with any other option but to enter the colony to pacify their hunger.well ,that day also they came but this visit was made special by this naughty monkey kid.sunder clicked him …………enjoy….

sitting comfortably on the Amaltas tree in front of our balcony,he appears to be in a contemplative mood or the beauty of those delicate bunches has tickled his creative faculties…………….

from the tree he jumped down to the boundary wall.he certainly seems to enjoy the flowers a lot.

here comes out the model in him.posing for sunder ,looking directly towards lens…… he is.

these two are his companions-one is enjoying the shade of neighbour’s  bougainvillia  and the other…..usual monkey tricks on their gate.

This one is the leader of the group.Whenever the troupe of the monkeys  marched in the street ,the dogs become alert.The drama continues …..the dogs barking and trying to intimidate the monkeys while monkeys safe and away from dogs’ reach ,teasing them.

Look ,the naughty young kid has leapt further inside boundary and is sitting comfortably midst lily plants on the stand.sunder is focusing on him and he is very attentively watching all his moves.

All set to say good bye……..

We missed one of his pose when he came nearer and stood on two legs on the bicycle in the boundary showing all his courage,throwing one to one challenge.

This little chap filled our morning with fun and pleasure and these simple pleasures of life always make us feel good.