One of my early morning chores and the one I enjoy the most is watering plants on my terrace.This is my time of interacting with each plants.It’s sheer bliss to see a new leaf unfolding,a bud opening it’s petals in a rhythmic pattern ,slowly and softly.I know the number of flowers to bloom on a particular day.such is my intimacy with them.The flowers are my daily dose of sparkle and laughter.They set my mood for the day.

The mornings my terrace welcomes me with it’s all green placid quietness I feel fresh and calm.There are days when i know there will be few bright colored flowers to cheer me up and day is sure to be full of fun.

That morning I knew that no flowers would be there.The money plant leaves were looking vibrant,the basils stood in quiet dignity .My emerald terrace looked invigorating .After watering the plants as I was about to leave the terrace something bright caught my eyes.I was surprised as I was not expecting any flower.I sat on my knee near the pot to examine the tiny flower peeping midst the slender lily leaves

.mingled with the lily leaves were few wild grass leaves and on a slender stalk was perched this tiny, bright yellow flower.No,I have not planted it.I have not even consciously watered it but it was there all the same adding dash of color to my terrace and brightening my world.I smiled a big thanks to it and walked away with heart full of gratitude.God has perhaps created these miniatures to enrich us with unexpected joys.