Nov 29,2011

This afternoon I was reclining on sofa chair ,my back towards the window,which opens in the balcony facing road.Eyes closed,was not thinking anything in particular but was certainly feeling a bit sad.Today by this time I was to be in Kanpur for my friend’s daughter’s marriage but this leg infection has messed up with all my programmes.I was not exactly complaining but silence in and around was laden with a kind of heaviness.Suddenly a sweet chirp stole into my silence.I did not pay much attention to it as on their way from Amaltas tree to the pillar where their pot of grains is kept many birds halt and hop in the balcony.During winters this traffic continues whole of the day.After few notes of melodious chirps it occurred to me that it appears to be coming from much shorter distance than balcony.Opening my eyes I looked around the room .None of the doors or windows were open but there it was this tiny ,cute green colored  bird sitting on the grill of the ventilator above the door.I don’t know when and how it entered but it was there filling the stillness of room with it’s tinkling voice.I opened the door to let it go out but immediately  the partner of the bird entered the room.Both of them now started chirping with much vigour. Of course I could not interpret their conversation but the happiness of meeting was all there to feel.They flew in the room in circles two three times,sat on blades of fan ,on pelmets all the time filling the room with their musical chirping.The mist of gloom was lifted and the silvery strains kept on glistening long after the pair had flew away.

I remembered a line I read somewhere.’If I keep a green bough in my heart,a singing bird will come.’