After two days quite warm weather ,yesterday morning was pretty chill. As I stepped out for morning walk the laps of strong wind hit me with a force. For a fraction of second I felt like retracing my steps and let the cozy warmth of indoor engulf me but then the better sense prevailed and shrugging off the temptation, I walked out to face the wind. It turned out to be quite refreshing.

I have always loved those wee hours of twilight when everything around you is wrapped in a dreamy silence. The harsh realities don’t stand there  glaring at you . The roads without the blaring traffic and chaos spread before you lazily inviting you to venture into the magical vista  of purple haze of dawn. Today was the first day of navratri hence the temples on the way were getting ready to welcome  goddess durga. Bright yellow marigold garlands, the fragrance of dhoop and agar, the music of devotional songs all made the morning holier and more pious.

Invig0rated by my walk as I stepped on my terrace something caught my attention. As if it stopped my movement by holding my dupatta. There midst the green leaves of my lemon plant was this small white bud smiling at me through the misty veil. The first bud of my lemon plant. Oh ..the inexplicable happiness………just like what I felt when my first born showed me his first lower tooth………..

it bloomed today.