For a long time I have not written anything.Not that I don’t want to but somehow I could not.Why it is so? why I find myself surrounded by a void.nothing literally nothing comes across my mind about which I can talk and share.Even I don’t feel like commenting on others post.I read but somehow the words while trying to comment just stuck somewhere.It never used to be so.I mean ,I was never very regular when it comes to writing but was always very punctual about reading and commenting but presently even that somehow feels very difficult.Is it because of this very long interval? I spend a lot of time surfing ,reading even try to search the prompts but end up shutting down the lap-top with an exasperated feeling.

Hope this block will break soon and thoughts will start coming easily.Or the dry and barren state is going to stay there.Its frightening to think along those lines.

well.let us hope for the best.

written this piece just for the sake of writing only.