Today in the evening enjoyed Sai paranjape’s ” Bhago Bhoot”, a film for children. I remembered Sai for Chasmebaddoor, Katha etc but this too was very refreshing ,lovely and meaningful. The film was screened in the hall of Anurag Library . There were grand parents and parents ,who brought the kids, children who came in groups, grown up children and adults like us too. It some how made me remember those days when there used to be one black and white T.V. in the neighborhood and all of us  gathered there on Sunday evening to watch the film on Doordarshan channel. More than the movie the gathering used to be the fun.

Now about the movie—-

The protagonist of the movie is Nanu, a boy of about 8 years of age. Nanu is a very good hearted but a naughty child like all other children of his age group. Even when the mischief was done by other kids or the fight was initiated by them,they put the blame on Nanu and being a simpler one he could not put forth his side smartly and was ultimately  got punished . Gradually all the adults of the village, his father and the school teacher all started to believe that Nanu is a good for nothing boy always indulging in some or other mischief and tricks. So like we grown ups. We usually do not pause to rationalize and analyze these matters of kids. It’s always easier to walk on the trodden path and go with the popular belief. But our this unconcern influences a child’s personality. It effected Nanu too.

Gradually he stopped even to try to defend him and bore the punishment of other children’s mischief even when he had enough proof to prove him innocent. The lizard incident proves it .

Opinion of other people and this injustice towards him also effected his academic performance. he gradually started loosing interest in studies.

But then he met his  Bhago Bhaiya , who took recluse in the dry well in the midst of forest near the village.  Horrific personal tragedies  were inflicted upon Bhago by a group of persons ,whose wrong deeds he tried to expose . At that grievous and dolorous times even his very intimate persons failed to provide him solace . In turn Bhago lost his faith in humanity and shunned humane company. He took comfort in the company of ever giver nature and the inhabitants of dense forest , the birds and animals. When villagers sensed a foreign presence in the forest ,a rumor started circulating that a ghost had occupied the dry well and villagers started avoiding the forest. This suited Bhago. But Nanu , the boy with a heart full of faith in all the good things was not carried away by this rumor and went to find out the reality behind it. This meeting blossomed into a wonderful bond between two good hearts. Both of them started flourishing in each others company.

Every child is a different entity and needs to be treated in different way. If encouraged in a way suited to their psychic and personality they can show amazing progress. Bhago’s encouragement and a little push restored Nanu’s faith in himself and he once again became interested in studies. Besides Bhago taught Nanu many things about the utility of herbs in forest, birds and animals of forest. All this knowledge imparted by Bhago in a practical way in nature class room fascinated Nanu and he imbibed all the the facts. True, Education does not mean rotting the prescribed syllabus.Scope of learning is beyond the indoors classroom. Nature is a great teacher. Innovative and illustrative ways of teaching can go a long way.

Kids have immense imaginative power. If given proper encouragement they can achieve a lot. This fact was conveyed in a very joyous manner when inspired by the city band playing at Sarpanch’s house, the team of young kids made their own musical band consisting of instruments created by waste material etc.

I loved the over all feel of the film. The simple life, the small pleasures, humorous anecdotes and the messages conveyed in a subtle way. No preaching like techniques to make it heavy and bore but everything going in a flow with the plot.

The best part was Nanu being successful in restoring principal Bhago Joshis faith in humanity. The innocence of kids, their caring and giving attitude has a magical power to transform the world into a better place.


I searched for the video of the film in net but could not find one. Would have loved to share it with you.