I firmly believe in innate goodness of mankind and I feel most of us do.So we all harbor that wish to be of use to others and this wish is always tucked inside us not only because we want others to feel good but doing good make us too feel good.When grown-ups extend a helping hand to others ,it involves a whole lot of thought process but when kids do it, it just happens. It’s natural and spontaneous that’s why perhaps more endearing, more uplifting. They don’t make efforts to do it.
There is this event long back from 92-93 but it always remains with me.
A very busy square of the city. Time must have been between 8-30 to 9-00 A.M. It was time for schools,college and office goers crowd rushing towards their destinations.Bikes swishing around, cars honking, cycles lurching, auto and six-seaters snaking in between, city and school buses lumbering, pedestrians trying to make their way….it was chaos all around. every body busy in pushing and passing . Of course people on wheels must have been cautious but as if every things was running in a robotic way. No body was giving a thought to others, simply pursuing the one agenda rushing…… Well, I was sitting in a public transport, which was waiting for other passengers to arrive. I too was under pressure of reaching office in time but then not being on wheels gives certain advantages. As I could not help but wait, from my window seat I was absorbing the scene around. Suddenly my fleeting glance was arrested by this particular scene. A man near the center of the square, besides the iron railing of the fountain was trying to cross the road. On his lap was a girl of about 15 years of age with one leg plastered and a kid of about three years was holding his other hand. It was a hot morning. He was sweating profusely. To handle such big girl with a fractured leg by one hand was really very difficult for him. But he was not able to let the kid walk alone on such a busy road. The attires and manners of the entire family suggested that they had arrived from some nearby village, perhaps for the treatment of the girl.he was trying to walk ahead but had to retrace his step every time due to non-stop flow of the vehicles. He was not able to support the plastered leg of the girl properly and the dangling of it must have been painful . The girl was trying to hold back her tears and sobs with all her efforts. The plight of her father and her own helplessness could also have been the reason for her emotional turmoil. The poor little kid hugged his father’s leg and shut his eyes tightly with every swishing vehicle. For a second I thought of climbing down from the vehicle and assist him to cross the road by holding his son. But then the weight of bunch of branch keys and the increased number of seats occupied in the vehicle restricted me. I could not afford to be late. I had to reach branch in time. Just then these two young kids of about 12 to 14 years in their school uniforms and bags walked from behind our vehicle and stood near my window. They too saw the man and his plight.
” should we go?’ said one of them
” we are already late for school. If we will go and help him, we can not reach in time and then we will be punished.”…uttered the other one slowly. His voice expressed his own desire to rush to the man.
For a fraction of second they stood their silently watching each other and then as if by a silent agreement a magical radiant smile broke on their faces.
As if we are not punished ever for so many of our mischief…how does one more matters….saying that they held hands and walked towards the man.
At that moment our vehicle started. I kept looking back. The boys reached the man. one held the hand of small kid, another took the bag off the shoulder of the man and together they started crossing the road.
I kept on watching them, trying to locate them midst the mesh of people till the increasing distance made them look like specs.
No, I don’t remember the faces of the boys. I didn’t know them personally even then but they are always close to my heart. For me they are my twinkling fireflies whom I always keep tucked deep down in my memory inside my most precious closet. Whenever things around me threaten to be too dark, I affectionately bring them out and they light up my path. They are my perennial source of faith and hope in humane goodness and kindness .