Long back once while returning from Pachagani – Mahabaleshwar , we stopped at Wai for half an hour or so that too on insistence of our cab driver. In fact it was quite late and we had to reach Pune so we wanted to proceed straight but our driver said at least we should visit the temple of Dholya Ganpati which is located near by only. At that time Sandhya Arati was being conducted. The temple was full of devotees. From that trip I could remember only the huge, colorful Ganesha idol, sitting comfortably, smiling benevolently showering happiness and alround positivity. Everything else around from river Krishna to adjacent Kashi visheswar temple were cloaked by the inky darkness.
This time we reached Wai early in the morning.The town has not yet shed it’s slumber completely. Shutters of the shops were down. very few people were taking bath in the river , while some were sitting idly on the steps of ghats . Doors of temples were open. Dholya Ganpati sat there smiling as I remembered Him. In his smile I could as if read clearly, ‘ Look, you wanted to revisit and I called you.” How calming and joyful to feel that assurance.
After our meeting with Ganpati bappa we entered Kshi Visheshwar temple.Behind the big Peepal tree in the premises, the early morning sun glistened , pouring it’s ethereal golden light on the temple.Shikara…… and the rays danced tentatively in the courtyard too, Two Deep Stambh in black stone stood on the either side of a Mandap, erected behind Nandi.The unique feature of this temple is the figures etched on Shikhara of temple. This interested me a lot and arose my curiosity……..whose idea and imagination it was – the sculpture or the royal authorities who built the temple, what was the thought behind creating such diverse images, a tapestry of social fabric of the time mingled with faith and beliefs…..I shall stop here and let you see yourself……

All the images on Shikhara have been as if placed inside frames.

This couple — it does not look like image of any God and Goddess. The turban style reflects traditional attire of that period perhaps.


can you spot that Buddhist monk image in the upper panel.





This bust stood like that in the middle of courtyard and on farther end is Nandi mandap




The deep stambh



.here comes our very own Lord Ganesha


.On front side Kartikeya and the other one are they Lord Shiva and Parvati


 Mahishashur Mardini


These all are the pictures of Kashi visheshwar temple.

There are seven ghats here on the bank of the Krishna river here in Wai and many small temples and shrines are around but the main attraction are Dholya Ganpati and Kashi visheshwar temple.

Wai falls in Satara district . It is very near to Pachgani – Mahabaleshwar.

All the pictures by Suner Iyer.