Easy flow of expression . the deep connect it makes, the impact it left…….I loved the narration…..

Forty and Everything After

The three of us sat on the wide stretch of sand. Everyone else had left already, But we had wanted to watch the sun go down. It was probably time to head back, but we had a few beers, and a few cigarettes left and, as the darkness wrapped its arms around us, we were quietly transfixed by the flashes in the sky, far across the lake – probably somewhere in America.

We didn’t speak much. A convivial evening had been spent, and now we were tiring and just enjoying the calmness and the light show in our own ways. Though the sun had put its head under the blanket, the night was warm, and felt like it was getting warmer as the dark monsters in the sky grew taller and stronger and began to rumble as they spoke to one another – rolling and lumbering in our direction.


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