These are the pictures of Mariamman temple at queen street, central George town, Penang. As the pictures of external facade and the inner campus of temple show, it is beautiful, colourful and adorned with lovely sculptures of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The temple is built in South Indian Dravidian style with an impressive Gopuram. The Gopuram is adorned with intricately carved, brightly coloured images of various forms of Goddess, holy birds. On the top of Gopuram are five kalasham.

The interior of temple too is highly ornate with artistic sculptures. Images of Ashta Laxmi adorn the eight pillars inside temples. On one wall of temple are Nataraja and Sivakami in dancing posture representing cosmic dance. On another wall nine sculptures of nine Shakti forms of Goddess can be seen.  Abode of Nav grahas also is inside temple. The over all aura of temple is peaceful, calming and full of positive vibrations.

We reached the temple on the day of Chithra Pournami It was a special day. Chitraparuvam is celebrated on the Tamil month of Chithrai, which normally falls during months of April/May. In Mariamman temple this festival is celebrated by taking out the chariot procession of Lord Subramaniamswamy. Since early 1970 this festival is celebrated for three days. The procession starts from Mariamman temple , passing through many streets and roads it reaches the waterfall Arulmigu Sri Ganesha temple. here chariot stops and deity Subramaniamswamy is carried atop hill to Arulmigu Sri Balathadayuthapani temple. After many religious ceremonies on third day deity is carried down, placed on the chariot and the procession walks back to Mariamman temple. When we reached the temple the chariot was in front of the main door of the temple. A group of people dressed in similar attires were busy in various preparations. These were people of temple committee. Idol of Subramaniamswamy was still inside the temple and was covered from all sides. It was not yet for public and priests were busy perhaps in adorning the deity and performing certain religious rituals.

We were lucky and blessed that the evening aarti started while we were inside temple premises. The musician took their place on the floor of verandah and the melodious harmony of mridangam and nadswaram not only filled the spaces but floated in our souls too. Priest performed the elaborate ritual of evening aarti starting from the sanctum to every devsthanam inside the premises.

Besides Chithra Pournami various other festivals such as Navratri, Thaipusam, Mahashivratri too are celebrated here with grand, elaborate rituals and functions continuing for days altogether. Besides these annual festivals, other monthly and daily poojas  like that of Poornima and Rahu kalam too are conducted.

Indians mostly from south of India came here hundreds of years ago mainly as port workers. They carried their faith with themselves. Gradually the community flourished. Traders, businessmen and in service sector too they moved forward . Presently the ‘ little India’ area of Penang gives you a feel of being in any southern  part of India. From sambhar, rice, curd, pickles , rasam on banana leaves to filter coffee in steel tumblers one can enjoy all the tastes and flavours.

Though we could not visit other Hindu temples in Penang but we visited some chinese temples there. I will talk about these in my next posts.

All the pics by Sunder Iyer