He was the youngest of four brothers and the most simple and innocent  also.After father’s death while dividing the land and fields elder ones conspired to give the youngest one a plot of land at the outskirt of village.It was a barren plot.Nothing was grown and cultivated in it for as long as people can remember.Any source of water was very far from this place.
The villagers sympathized with the poor chap.Few of them even felt angry for the plight of the boy but none of them voiced their opinion .Some thought its their family matter and any outsider should not interfere while others were wise enough not to rub the influential brothers on the wrong side.
So the lone boy stood at the edge of the plot looking at the barren stretch before him.He looked up once to the cloudless blue glittering sky as if  searching for Him. And then his  eyes wandered to the lone keekar tree standing at one corner of the plot. keekar is a small bushy tree with needle like leaves.It does not require much water to thrive.Standing there midst  brown cracked earth and dried weeds the tree appeared to be  welcoming him.

He slowly walked towards it and lowered himself in its scanty shade.It could not protect the boy fully from the scorching heat of the afternoon sun but it was comforting.To the boy it was like a little lighted lamp in the vast spread  of darkness.The tree as if cradled him in its bony arms and the boy fell asleep.
From the next day onwards he started working on the plot.He uprooted the weeds,planted small trees along the boundary of the plot and started preparing the field by digging and ploughing.The greenery ,shade and life in the field started inviting the cows and buffaloes grazing in the pastures.The boy now had company as well as free manure .
Bit by bit by his sheer determination,persistence and hard work the boy was able to raise a fine field there.Not ,of course rich swaying crops but he was able to grow certain vegetables and useful trees etc.
once the village head visited the boy and told him,” see,you and God has turned this barren land into a fine field.”
The boy looked up solemnly and told,” yes,of course ,but you should have seen it when He had it alone.”

He  works through us.

Pic by sunder Iyer.