It must have been around 5 oçlock in the evening . We were having our  tea when suddenly our son told us,” çome on we will take you on a jungle trek.”

”jungle trek! at this hour?” we sounded incredulous and confused. His housing society stands few steps off the busy bustling main road.We knew the city stretched miles and miles on all the sides.To reach anything remotely resembling a forest easily could have taken at least two to three hours.How come he is throwing such a proposal. we were visiting our DIL  for the  first time .

”come on .come on. move.”, he smiled and we walked towards lift. Instead of going to basement to take out his car , he started moving towards the back of housing society. We reached a small gate in the outer boundary wall of the society where a guard was posted and we were to  record our entry.  The gate led us to a big patch of green surrounded by high rise buildings,multi-storeyed apartments and row houses from all sides.

There was an adequately big water body with a dense growth of bushes and shrubs at the center of the land. Flock of birds visited and inhabited these bushes. A path encircling the pond and natural vegetation around it was laid. Under the shade of big, ages old trees few stone benches were erected and  a brick boundary wall circumvented the area. Four gates, one from each direction lead to it. The approach to this place was only through the societies surrounding it.

The area is used only by the inhabitants of the societies surrounding it. Entry is allowed for fixed hours in the mornings and evenings. It’s difficult to imagine that so near to the bustling road, screeching vehicles, honking horns lies this quiet, tranquil island in it’s natural glory. Elderly people sitting on the benches facing the water watching the activities of the birds, young kids running around safely getting acquainted with new leaves and birds, one or two budding photographers trying to capture flight of birds and magnificence of setting sun, youngsters jogging and running,  it was really a very cozy and lovely place.

Most of the housing societies and apartments irrespective of the city and state have been constructed by erasing the landscapes, cutting  down the trees and leveling the depths of waters, heights of hills. May be that’s the demand of time, cost of progress, but can we not try to preserve such small landscapes in their natural forms in between. I don’t know whether the builders of the all the four projects consented to keep this patch in it’s natural form to provide this extra pleasure to their customer or any other technical issue compelled them to leave it like that but oblivious to  all the hue and cry of the cities busting at seams such quiet havens  definitely act like soothing balms on over stressed nerves. On weekends to spend some leisurely hours in the company of nature, one does not have to face the tension of driving through the snail speed chaotic traffic .They can enjoy some peaceful moments, quiet,retrospective time at their door steps. To me that spot was like soul inside the bodily frame. A”thank you” note to mother nature. Wish more builders and promoters plan to preserve the nature in it’s original form in between , near to housing societies.

I definitely have got one more reason and a very strong one too for eagerly looking forward to visit my DIL.


















pics by sunder iyer and namita sunder