If I get to read a book on whatever has happened in my life and whatever is to be followed,will I read that.hmmm…..whatever has happened..well I will like to  relive the moments,the phases.I feel we all do that.It might not be in a book form ,it might not be in chronological order but at some or other time we all go back and think about certain events and periods of our life.

Remembering the past gives a feeling of being connected.The nostalgic excursions are like roots ,which go deep down and help us not only  in remaining stabilized but also in growing.Reliving the happy times is sure to bring a smile on face .If we remember the sunny patches on a cloudy,gloomy day it brightens us with a satisfaction of enjoying happy times and fills the heart with  hope that we will have the same in future too.

Why even walking once again the long lonely corridors,remembering the shattering episodes,the harsh blows ,the turbulent times strengthens us.Some how it re-establishes my faith on my strength and courage. These reminiscences of past are rewarding and invigorating.These experiences always provide me strength to move forward.

Now ,on whether I shall like to know what’s in store for me in  future…..no,I shall definitely not  like to read those pages of book.I shall not be honest if with a smug tone I proclaim that I am not  tempted to peep in my future.At times I definitely want to know the outcome of certain happening.The restlessness makes me nibble my nails or the worries make heart heavy like lead and if the time is really bad rush to even astrologers etc.But having my future life laid bare before me will rob me of the excitement of the unexpected and sudden.It will be like appearing for an exam or interview while you know the result beforehand. More over the certainty  of good things to come will make me complacent about working towards it.having something you have earned guarantees for joy with an extra glow.And I will not prefer to be robbed off it.

The knowledge of bad times to approach will not allow me to enjoy the good times .There can be a point of view that the calamities can be averted,the failures turned into success,the unpleasant issues avoided if we know about them but I am sure it will diminish the spark

I will like to jump in the unknown and enjoy the mystry of future.