Few days ago I got to spend few hours with this ninety two year old gentleman with varied experiences of life. He takes care of this ages old temple but does not hold a good opinion of so called Sadhus and babas. He prefers to communicate with we grahasth [family] persons, who according to him happen to be more enriched spiritually.
He lived with Sri Govind Ballabh Pant, the first chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, when he practiced as an advocate and Our country was under British rule.He started his first government job with salary of Rs forty per month, did his char dham yatra on foot from Haridwar.He shared lots of memories of the days when entry of Indians was banned in Hazaratganj after four P.M. as that was the time British offiicials and their families used to come there for enjoying their evenings.He also shared how there was scarcity of educated people and posts in government offices, seats in higher educational courses lay vacant for want of candidates.
This temple where he now resides is ages old. He told us that no body knows who built it originally. years ago it lay surrounded by dense forest on the bank of river. Dacoits, bandits and freedom fighters too took shelter here.When he arrived here then also it was surrounded by dense forest and forty to forty five snake couple resided in the vicinity…and why not after all it is an ancient shrine of Lord Shiva.It is said that plastering of the temple structure has been done by the mixture of Urad dal [ black lentil] pulp of Ber [ indian plum / jujubi] and chasani [syrup of Gur[jaggery]

Talking to him was like turning pages of a old history book nay more interesting and enthralling. He created wonderful imagery while narrating his travel experiences of mountains and the underlying spiritual essence provided hope and strength.














All pictures by Sunder Iyer.


The endless, glistening blue horizon, the tender green grass blades dancing merrily, the yellow, pink, blue, white varied colours of tiny flowers frolicking all around, the buzzing bees, the chirping birds all seemed to be part of a glorious celebration.They were in tune with one another and with themselves.They all ,as if knew their place and happily accepted it.

How I yarned to be a part of this grand spectacle. I stretched my arms and inhaled deeply but felt choking. What was i trying to do? To seep it in all ! Alas! that humane lust to possess, to own.This was too big, too grand, too marvellous a phenomenon to be absorbed. I slowly slumped to the ground and sat there motionless,trying to surrender to the vastness around.Each passing moment somehow became richer…….I felt entuned.

Pic-Sunder Iyer