“The buzzard has nothing to fault himself with.
Scruples are alien to the black panther.
Piranhas do not doubt the rightness of their actions.
The rattlesnake approves of himself without reservations.

The self-critical jackal does not exist.
The locust, alligator, trichina, horsefly
live as they live and are glad of it.

The killer whale’s heart weighs one hundred kilos
but in other respects it is light.

There is nothing more animal-like
than a clear conscience
on the third planet of the Sun.”
Wisława Szymborska

My interpretation of these lines by Wislawa is that self-deprecating is an integral part of being human. and if by any chance we find ourselves completely  devoid of this very natural trait of human beings then we some how lack in humanity. That results in arrogance and arrogance hurts others and hurting others is an animal like quality in a human being. Moderate dozes of self-criticism ,an honest evaluation of oneself ,even belittling oneself sometimes, make us humble.Acknowledging and accepting our flaws is a positive trait but then excessive self-disparagement becomes destructive to oneself.

Here we were not to  discuss the self deprecating trait but just the opposite of it.What we appreciate and value about ourselves.It is said to love others we have to love ourselves first.Similarly to make others happy we need to be happy ourselves,with ourselves.Appreciating ourselves help in building self-worth.Self worth in turn is very necessary to have a balanced attitude and view of our experiences in life.

Now ,what I appreciate and love about myself—-

1– I love that i feel happy about little things around me.A fresh flower on my terrace,the everyday day sparrow hopping around,the kids cycling to school,a good story read,a lovely picture seen-all these and many other everyday,common place things make me happy.I am happy when in wilderness,seeping in the quiet all around and I am happy sitting on a bench on a crowded railway platform watching the people around me,conjuring images of their life in my mind. In fact more than being happy with myself for this trait of mine I feel thankful to God for putting this chip inside me ,which enable me to bloom where I am planted.

2–I love my ability to connect to people and converse to them with an ease. Every one has something special and unique in them and I like to explore that.

3– I love that I always endeavor to improve upon myself.I often sit alone and analyze my own reactions and action in a particular situation and then think whether and how I could have handled the situation in a better way.

4– I love that I can laugh easily and heartily.

5–I am happy that I can see the brighter and positive aspects in most of the situations.

No doubt that there are many things about myself which I like to improve upon but then I love myself as I am. Here are few quotes I love about loving oneself.

To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance. Oscar Wilde

I celebrate myself, and I sing myself Walt Whitman

Lend yourself to others, but give yourself to yourself.

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. Lucille Ball.