The lone boat floating away in the mist, I feel your spirit within me. I can sense the tug, the steering as if encircling within your arm, you are trying to take me …..but I still sail directionless.

…and the boatman…the vast expanse of waters do not scare him, not he waits for a traveler for the company, he travels with these waters and the sky above without a destination. The far off banks do not beckon him. He simply sails towards nowhere, where he belongs. He is one with the limitless. He never wishes a bank or a harbour to anchor. The world there does not exist for him. Beyond the limits he sails, oblivious of everything. A journey within, towards you, to nowhere…far…far away.

I can listen to the call ‘beyond’ but know not how to head to be with it. Will you take me there…

(picture by- Sunder Iyer)