June 2012

Watching birds and enjoying their activities is our daily doze of freshness while having our first cup of tea early in the morning..Today was special as six different species of birds landed near the bowl of water on terrace.

Summers are hot here.I daily fill this bowl with fresh water and find it half empty at the end of the day.No,birds don’t use all that water.It evaporates under scorching sun .To watch birds after birds coming and landing near the freshly filled water and quench their thirst  give an inexplicable satisfaction.How little effort does it take in our part and we experience such joy.It truly does not cost anything to make ourselves happy.

I don’t know the names of all the birds .Those of you who happen to know the name kindly let me know.

Come ,share our happiness…….







All pics by sunder Iyer




Chamba in Himachal Pradesh is a small town located between the mountain ranges of Zanskar and Dhauladhar. The town stands on a plateau on the banks of river Raavi.

The curvy roads passing through sylvan surroundings, majestic mountain ranges, dense pine forests, small villages nestled in the deep valleys offers panoramic views around Chamba making it any nature lover’s delight.

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Indian craft has been widely accepted around the world as the epitome of creativity and has been applauded for the usage of indigenous materials. The patronage of tourists helps ensure that local crafts do not fade away, overtaken by commercialisation and mass production, giving the artisans a steady livelihood and maintaining age old traditional skills.

Here are three traditional Indian crafts to look out for on your travels:

Uttaranchal Stone Jewellery – If you are off from a trek in the lower Himalayas in the state of Uttaranchal, you cannot miss the bold jewellery of Garhwal. Stone and metal are the main components of these elaborate neck pieces and bangles, which are made by the local women of the villages making for unusual and conversation provoking souvineers.

Thanjavur Paintings in Tamil Nadu –The small town of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu is primarily known for a large temple made by the Chola Kings and paintings of the same name. Based on themes of divine sagas, the paintings date back to 1600 AD. The Thanjavur paintings undergo a complicated process involving wood, cloth, zinc oxide and adhesives. Decoration of jewellery in the painting is done with semi-precious stones and finally high-quality gold foil is used to ensure that the paintings last generations. They generally appreciate in value and are considered collectibles.

Aranmula Mirrors in Kerala – The Aranmula mirrors of Kerala as one of the most intriguing crafts of the statemade in the village of Aranmula. Very few households are still in the business of making this wonderful product which are the result of Kerala’s culture and history. The mirror, infact, has no glass element but is a heavily polished alloy which has reflective properties. The exact metals used in the alloy are unknown to the public and kept as a family secret, passed down through generations. The village is just off Alleppey and makes for an interesting day trip.


Tanjore Paintings


Aranmula mirrors

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